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Since 2003 Sino Language & Beyond (SLB) has been a pioneer in the field of bringing teens, children and families Chinese language immersion experience in China. U.S based, China focus, SLB draws on a long-term presence in the region, close connections with the local society, and deep understanding of the intercultural, health, and safety issues inherent to study or trip in China. Our programs are designed to provide excellence in Chinese language improvement with ample opportunities to interact with locals and to reflect on the intercultural encounters in structured settings.

2003: SLB was one of the only two organizations in the US offered Chinese language and culture summer camp to China.
2004-2015: SLB has been offering a variety of summer camps in various areas such as Chinese language, culture, service, volunteer, arts, sports etc, and attracted 300+ students from 25 countries around the world in any summer.
2009-now: Built upon its decade of experiences and wide connection with schools and government agencies, SLB expanded its services to schools all over the U.S and the globe. SLB has been worked with middle and high schools for its Customized School Trip to China. Our customized school trip is for any age, at any time and any route. On top of eye-opening tours, 4-star hotels in a good location, authentic meals, comprehensive insurance, every school enjoys a charter bus for its own group. We also include school-visits, shadowing & exchange activities, service projects, and homestay... You name it. Chaperone(s) will travel for free at a low ratio and take advantage of our complete support before/during/after the trip. Most of all, our price is the best in the industry. We will beat any competitor's written quotation. Please fill out the survey ( to start planning your school trip now. We look forward to working with you.
2017-now: SLB serves as a partner of the largest high school district in Northern California, assisting the district to recruit students to attend its International Student Program.

Professional development program: In addition to student service, our services cover teachers and administrators of both countries as well. Our Discover China is an annual program for US superintendents, principals, and directors to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese education system and establish/expand a collaborative relationship with schools in China.


Millie Jasper, Yorktown Heights, NY We have had such a wonderful experience with SINO. Lily is going to be a senior in High School next year and we want to send her back to China one last time this summer. She is still being tutored in Mandarin and now the study is primarily in conversational language. I'm hoping that she will continue to improve her language skills because I believe this language will help her in whatever she decides to do in her work.


Corinne Hartman, Mill Valley, CA Geoff had a wonderful month in China, and had so many great stories, memories and photos to show us. I want to thank you and all the Sino-Language staff, Chinese teachers, and others in China who touched Geoff's life and who made the last weeks of his trip so rewarding. Please let everyone know how appreciative we are.