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Oral vocabulary and language are essential to effective literacy in Spanish and English. Discussions4Learning and VocabulArte provide unprecedented support for accelerating academic vocabulary and language.

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An Oral Vocabulary and Language Program

An Oral Vocabulary and Language Program

Research shows that students who develop strong vocabulary skills go on to develop strong reading comprehension skills. The most effective way to build student vocabulary is to give your students frequent oral language experiences.

VocabulArte and Discussions4Learning provide unique, oral language support for high-level academic vocabulary in Spanish and English. The two programs work together as an engaging opportunity for students to increase their academic language skills in both languages. The programs also work on their own (Spanish only or English only).

Each program introduces rich, academic, oral vocabulary through engaging discussions about dazzling fine art and real-world photos. No worksheets or drills. Just twenty to forty minutes a day, for just two to four days a week, and you will see improved vocabulary and comprehension in all of your students regardless of their decoding and language skills! Each program has been shown to work with both native speakers and students who are acquiring Spanish and English.

How VocabulArte and Discussions4Learning are Different

• High-level, academic vocabulary to improve comprehension: Each program enriches the print-based curriculum of your language arts curriculum - whether it’s in Spanish or English - with the high-level vocabulary critical to comprehension.

• Explicit review of previously learned vocabulary: Words are deliberately revisited in context in subsequent weeks as students discuss thought-provoking images.

• Authentic, engaging contexts for language development: Dazzling images from around the globe and across time serve as authentic, engaging contexts for language learning and multicultural experiences.

• Fine art and cross-curricular connections: You can easily infuse fine art while reinforcing key concepts in science and social studies through brilliant, compelling images.
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