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Since 2003 Sino Language Beyond (SLB) has been a pioneer in the field of bringing teens, children and families Chinese language immersion experience in China. U.S based, China focus. SLB draws on a long-term presence in the region, close connections with the local society, and deep understanding of the intercultural, health, and safety issues inherent to study in China. Our programs are designed to provide excellence in Chinese language study with ample of opportunities to interact with local children and teens and to reflect on the intercultural encounters in structured settings.

For children and teens wish to explore China and Chinese learning, we have three unique summer programs to offer.
1. Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Summer Camp in Beijing (age 8-18): 3 sessions in 2015:6/11-6/27, 7/06-7/26, 7/26-8/15

This program combines language learning, culture activities, and traveling altogether; is packed with unlimited exposure to China and Chinese language, and filled with great fun. The 3-week camp is designed to offer students first-hand experience about Chinese language, deeper understanding about the culture and society, and make connections with local teens. Thousand of students across the U.S. and the globe have attended the program since 2003, and their interest towards Chinese language and ability of using the language have been greatly enhanced from their visits to China with us.

2. Teen Leadership and Service Summer Camp in Beijing (age 14-18): 2 sessions in 2015: 7/06-7/26, 7/26-8/15

This program combines an English-teaching project that could earn up to 80 community service hours (can also be used for CAS or Leadership program), leadership skill training, Chinese language learning, culture activities, sightseeing and traveling altogether. No Chinese background is required. Participants will do team-teaching to a class of Chinese students. Teens in this program learn to develop a sense of responsibility and also become more independent, mature, and open-minded individuals. 100% said their public speaking have improved dramatically, and multiple leadership skills are also improved considerably, including team-work, team-management, motivation, collaborating, planning, relationship building, resourceful, communication, and creativity. This experience would also be a highlight on college-applicant's resume.

3. Volunteer with Pandas in Chengdu (age 12-18): 3 sessions in 2015:6/15-7/05, 7/06-7/26, 7/26-8/15

This is an exciting Chinese culture, service, and panda conservation summer camp. It is perfect for students who are animal lovers, environmentalists, service buffs, and those who want to learn Chinese, explore the fascinating and intriguing culture, as well as incredible sights that China offers. The program provides students the extremely unique opportunity to work as a panda keeper, learn Chinese language, interact with the local community, and involve in the unique Chinese culture in a direct, authentic and vivid way.

In addition to summer programs, SLB also work with middle and high schools for its Customized School Trip to China. Our customized school trip is for any age, at any time and any route. On top of eye-opening tours, 4-star accommodation, it could also include school visit, shadowing & exchange activities, volunteer activity... You name it, we include it. It also provides free travel to teacher, and complete logistic support before/ during/ after trip.

Please let us know if you find us on this guide.


Millie Jasper, Yorktown Heights, NY We have had such a wonderful experience with SINO. Lily is going to be a senior in High School next year and we want to send her back to China one last time this summer. She is still being tutored in Mandarin and now the study is primarily in conversational language. I'm hoping that she will continue to improve her language skills because I believe this language will help her in whatever she decides to do in her work.


Corinne Hartman, Mill Valley, CA Geoff had a wonderful month in China, and had so many great stories, memories and photos to show us. I want to thank you and all the Sino-Language staff, Chinese teachers, and others in China who touched Geoff's life and who made the last weeks of his trip so rewarding. Please let everyone know how appreciative we are.