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Denver Public Schools is a dynamic and diverse urban school district committed to providing all students with the opportunity to achieve and the expectation of success. We are the fastest growing urban district in the nation that is known for its innovative approach – we know that one size doesn’t fit all so we have multiple school models to serve the unique needs of our students and communities. Denver Public Schools is pro-actively seeking talented educators and professionals to be game changers and to help us educate and lead our young scholars.

Our district serves a significant native-Spanish speaking population: 40% of our students speak Spanish as their primary language, and half of those are English Language Learners. We know the strength of our teachers is the key to ensuring that our students have the needed support to stay on-level with their English-speaking peers while making their transition to English instruction. We encourage our students to be not only bilingual but also bi-literate and have a program called Seal of Biliteracy which is an award for graduating high school students who can read, speak, listen and write at a high level in English as well as another language. In 2016-2017, 490 DPS students received Seal of Biliteracy. Please visit the link for more information:

If you are a bilingual (English/ Spanish) teacher who is inspired by the challenge of making sure every child is given an equal opportunity to succeed, we invite you to be part of our impressive team of educators. While our Principals value bilingual educators at all levels, our formal bilingual programs are at the elementary level, and that is the largest area of need across our district.

For more information about teaching in Denver Public Schools and to apply, please visit DPS is currently seeking applicants for multiple bilingual elementary education positions, apply now!